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  • blevins.txt
    BLEVINS CEMETERY, Bell County, Kentucky Kentucky Archives U.S. GenWeb Submission: blevins.txt Submitted by: C. Richard Matthews BLEVINS CEMETERY...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/bell/cemeteries/cemsaf/blevins.txt
  • blevins.txt
    Blevins Cemetery, Old Town, Greenup Co., KY Located Approx. 7-1/2 Miles South on Route 207, Argellite, KY For Directions Contact The Contributor:...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/greenup/cemeteries/blevins.txt
  • blossus.txt
    BLOSSUS CEMETERY, Trigg Co., KY Blossus Mrs. Charles (Frederika), bor. 1825, died after 1880, no stone...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/trigg/cemeteries/blossus.txt
  • bloyd.txt
    CEMETERY: BELL- BLOYD CEMETERY Transcribed from "Cemeteries of Green County, Kentucky". Volume 3, 1983, pages 13 - 16 Published by the Green County...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/green/cemeteries/bloyd.txt
  • bluegrss.txt
    CEMETERY: Bluegrass Army Depot Removed Graves - Cemetery A, Madison Co., KY Located on US 421 across from the entrance to the Bluegrass Army Depot....
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/madison/cemeteries/bluegrss.txt
  • bluelick.txt
    Blue Lick Road, Eastview Church Cemetery The grave sites are located on Blue Lick Road just above the Bullitt County line. next to the Eastview...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/bullitt/cemeteries/bluelick.txt
  • boaz.txt
    BOAZ CEMETERY, Graves County, Kentucky Submitted by: Bill Utterback Copyright (c) 2002 by Bill Utterback. This copy contributed for use in the...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/graves/cemeteries/boaz.txt
  • bogard.txt
    BOGARD CEMETERY, Trigg Co., KY Miller+ Ada Mae, Jan. 13, 1871--March 20, 1954 Miller Hugh, Dec. 11, 1864--Oct. 26, 1951 Dunnigan Smith, son of CA &...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/trigg/cemeteries/bogard.txt
  • boggs.txt
    CEMETERY: Boggs Cemetery, Madison County, KY Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 Jackie Couture wrote: This was in the local paper and I thought it may be of...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/madison/cemeteries/boggs.txt
  • boldry.txt
    Boldry Cemetery, McCracken County, Kentucky Copyright (c) 1999 by Richard B. Davis. This copy contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives....
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/laurel/cemeteries/boldry.txt
  • boldry.txt
    Boldry Cemetery, McCracken County, Kentucky Copyright (c) 1999 by Richard B. Davis. This copy contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives....
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/mccracken/cemeteries/boldry.txt
  • bolen.txt
    CEMETERIES: Bolen Cemetery Knott County Kentucky ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contributed...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/knott/cemeteries/bolen.txt
  • bolen2.txt
    CEMETERIES: Bolen Cemetery Two Knott County Kentucky -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contributed for use...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/knott/cemeteries/bolen2.txt
  • bolen3.txt
    CEMETERIES: Bolen Cemetery Knott County Kentucky -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contributed for use in...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/knott/cemeteries/bolen3.txt
  • bolton1.txt
    BOLTON CEMETERY, Graves Co., KY HILL,Eugene "Capp"- Oct.7,1919-Dec.26,1993 HILL,B.Jack- Nov.22,1872-Feb.21,1963 HILL,Genevia- Aug.26,1882-Dec.24,1977...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/graves/cemeteries/bolton1.txt
  • bolton2.txt
    BOLTON graves on CROWELL HOMEPLACE, Graves County, KY ************************************************************************ USGENWEB ARCHIVES...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/graves/cemeteries/bolton2.txt
  • bonderan.txt
    BONDERANT CEMETERY, Marshall Co., KY RUNKLE, Lee, May 5, 1922-Nov. 12, 1994 RUNKLE, Roberta Jane, Dec. 28, 1921-Aug. 11, 1994 COLE, Jane Nelar, wife...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/marshall/cemeteries/bonderan.txt
  • boren.txt
    BOREN CEMETERY, Trigg Co., KY Boren William, March 15-27, 1936 Boren James, died March 15, 1932, age 75 Boren Mary Louise Ellen, dau. of HA & SJ,...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/trigg/cemeteries/boren.txt
  • bostic.txt
    BOSTIC CEMETERY, Kimper, Pike County, Kentucky Made available to The USGenWeb Archives by Candy Parent - candy@htonline.com...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/pike/cemeteries/bostic.txt
  • bot-bow.txt
    Owsley County, Kentucky: Botner / Bowman Recorded by: Timothy and Valorie Taylor Spence on the 16th day of July 2000 spence1@fuse.net...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/owsley/cemetery/bot-bow.txt
  • botts.txt
    Botts Cemetery, Boone County, KY Submitted by K.L. Garland (babybear@fuse.net)...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/boone/cemeteries/botts.txt
  • boughcamp.txt
    CEMETERIES: Boughcamp Cemetery Knott County Kentucky ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contributed for...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/knott/cemeteries/boughcamp.txt
  • bowlin.txt
    CEMETERY: Bowling Family Cemetery, Campbell Co., KY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contributed for use...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/campbell/cemeteries/bowlin.txt
  • bowling.txt
    Cemeteries: Bowling Cemetery Boyd County, Ky Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Susan Hale sks@twave.net...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/boyd/cemeteries/bowling.txt
  • bowman.txt
    BOWMAN CEMETERY, CALLOWAY COUNTY, KY Copyright (c) 1999 by Richard B. Davis. This copy contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives. eagle6@brtc.net...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ky/calloway/cemeteries/bowman.txt
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