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  • bearcrek.txt
    Bear Creek Cemetery, Kimble County, TX Submitted by Frederica Burt Wyatt burtwyat@ctesc.net...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/kimble/cemetery/bearcrek.txt
  • bearcrk.txt
    Collin Co., TX - Cemeteries - Bear Creek Cemetery *********************************************** This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/collin/cemeteries/bearcrk.txt
  • beasley.txt
    Fannin Co. TX Beasley Vault in Dodd City ***************************************************************** USGENWEB ARCHIVES NOTICE: These electronic...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/fannin/cemetery/beasley.txt
  • beaverdam.txt
    BEAVER DAM CEMETERY Leon County, Texas ************************************************************************ USGENWEB ARCHIVES NOTICE: These...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/leon/cemeteries/beaverdam.txt
  • beckrodr.txt
    Harris Co., TX - Cemeteries - Becker-Roeder Cemetery *********************************************** This file was contributed for use in the...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/harris/cemeteries/beckrodr.txt
  • bedford.txt
    Bedford or Smith Cemetery Eastland Co. Tx Submitted by Wanda Skinner, wskinner@eastland.net...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/eastland/cemeteries/bedford.txt
  • bedford.txt
    Tarrant Co., TX - Cemeteries - Bedford Cemetery *********************************************** This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/tarrant/cemeteries/bedford.txt
  • bedias.txt
    Bedias Cemetery, Grimes Co. Co. TX Submitted by J L Halpin 7 Mar 2001 ************************************************************************...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/grimes/cemeteries/bedias.txt
  • bedismth.txt
    Grimes Co., TX - Cemeteries - Bedias Methodist Cemetery *********************************************** This file was contributed for use in the...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/grimes/cemeteries/bedismth.txt
  • beeler.txt
    Harris County, Texas - Beeler Family Cemetery, Houston, TX. Made available to The USGenWeb Archives by Anonymous Donor Names from grave markers in...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/harris/cemeteries/beeler.txt
  • beggs.txt
    Beggs Family Cemetery Leon County, Texas Submitted by Cheryl Burks yrfever@risecom.net...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/leon/cemeteries/beggs.txt
  • behrranch.txt
    BEHR RANCH CEMETERY- Kendall County, Texas Behr Ranch Cemetery is located on Sisterdale Road, Kendall County, Texas. Neuber, Adolf no dates Neuber,...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/kendall/cemetery/behrranch.txt
  • behtany.txt
    Harris Co., TX - Cemeteries - BETHANY CEMETERY (DEER PARK) *********************************************** This file was contributed for use in the...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/harris/cemeteries/behtany.txt
  • beierle.txt
    Cemeteries Beierle Family Cemetery West Comal County, Texas ********************************************************************...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/comal/cemetery/beierle.txt
  • belcher.txt
    BELCHER CEMETERY - Smith County, TX (Copied in 1981) Made available to the USGenWeb Archives by the East Texas Genealogical Society Submitted...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/smith/cemetery/belcher.txt
  • belfalls.txt
    Belfalls Cemetery, Falls County, Texas Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Theresa Carhart theresacarhart@hotmail.com The original listing...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/falls/cemeteries/belfalls.txt
  • bell.txt
    Fannin Co. TX Bell Cemetery East of Virginia Point ***************************************************************** USGENWEB ARCHIVES NOTICE: These...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/fannin/cemetery/bell.txt
  • bell.txt
    BELL CEMETERY, Smith County, TX Submitted 1/8/99 to the TXGenWeb Archives by Mary Love Berryman - marylove@tyler.net Made available to the USGenWeb...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/smith/cemetery/bell.txt
  • bell.txt
    Bell Cemetery Wilbarger County Texas ************************************************************************ USGENWEB ARCHIVES NOTICE: These...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/wilbarger/cemeteries/bell.txt
  • bellplns.txt
    Bell County, Texas - Belle Plains Cemetery USGENWEB NOTICE: In...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/bell/cemetery/bellplns.txt
  • bells.txt
    BELL'S NORTH CEMETERY-Grayson County Texas by: Michael Cross This file was...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/grayson/cemetery/bells.txt
  • bellscha.txt
    Bells Chapel Cemetery - Ellis County, Texas Made available to the USGenWeb Archives by Rhonda Mangum Combs...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/ellis/cemeteries/bellscha.txt
  • belmont.txt
    Fannin Co. TX Belmont Cemetery S. of Ector ***************************************************************** USGENWEB ARCHIVES NOTICE: These...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/fannin/cemetery/belmont.txt
  • belmont.txt
    Belmont Cemetery- Gonzales County, TX This Cemetery was inventoried by South Texas Genealogical & Historical Society, Gonzales, TX. They were printed...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/gonzales/cemetery/belmont.txt
  • belote.txt
    Angelina Co., - Cemeteries - BELOTE CEMETERY *********************************************** This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb...
    URL: http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/tx/angelina/cemetery/belote.txt
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